Jenny Lin  

Big Mac Scotty's
Mini Hall of Fame



"Big Mac Scotty's Mini Hall of Fame" is a fictional chronicle of a Canadian recreational hockey league from the 1990s, a league of mediocre skill sets and an unorthodox dress code of ruffled tutus and bat-eared goalie hairdos.

It is a project in 2 forms:

1) a series of 30 trading cards

2) a narrative-based installation of objects and texts that can be exhibited as a small-scaled sports hall of fame

Excerpts of the project were featured in Dare-Dare's 2009 Off-Biennale Project, May 21 - May 31, 2009. Between these dates, two enlarged hockey cards in the form of hanging banners were hung on the main floor of the Pepsi Forum (2313 Sainte-Catherine West, Montréal).

More information: Dare-Dare Blog-Off and




Banners at the Pepsi Forum, Dare-Dare Off-Biennale Project. Photo credit: Paul Litherland, 2009.



Selection of images and text from the project:

Intro text, inkjet print of variable dimensions


"Number 5 @*!". Jersey (detail)


"The Renegades", inkjet print, 24 x 22"


"Trivia Questions", inkjet print, 24 x 22"