Jenny Lin  

"Tactical Deer Databse"



"Tactical Deer Database"

“Tactical Deer Database”, 2018. Collaborative project by Eloisa Aquino and Jenny Lin. Paper installation: screenprint and digital print on paper, paper objects, zines. Exhibited in the context of the group exhibition, DECADEnce, curated by Valérie D. Walker for the Queer Arts Festival 2018, at the Roundhouse Community Centre, Vancouver, BC. Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 10 feet (dimensions variable).

Can we represent an identity? Can we talk about the feeling and struggles of others? When we embrace an identity we hope to find a set of commonalities with a group. Yet the truth is that some of us can only truthfully represent themselves and hope that if others feel represented by their creation they were able to interpret and expand that representation to their own purposes, feelings, and needs. We are only trying to talk about our limited existences, our daily struggles and joys, and the abstract universes that we inhabit as a collective of two. We are queer but we still don't have a clear or unwavering definition for what that means.

A zine-inspired, paper-based installation about our (queer) relationship, this project proposes a zine expanded into a large-scaled, immersive space. This project was funded by the Canada Council of the Arts with a Create and Explore program grant as well as an Arts Across Canada program grant.