Jenny Lin  





“Snakers”, 2018. Saddle-stitched, laser-printed zine.

Created as a collaboration between Eloisa Aquino and Jenny Lin for the zine-inspired installation, “Tactical Deer Database”, 2018, and exhibited in the context of the group exhibition, DECADEnce, curated by Valérie D. Walker for the Queer Arts Festival 2018, at the Roundhouse Community Centre, Vancouver, BC. Click to see more images.


"avoid taking too personally or literally"

“avoid taking too personally or literally”, 2018. Pamphlet-stitched zine. 16 pages. Screenprint on BFK Rives. Edition of 40 books.

An image and text-based enactment of confessional and emotional expression removed from original context. The first book in a trilogy of the same format and intention. Click to see more images.


“4W”, 2017. Saddle-stitched zine, 6.5 x 8", 60 pages. Risograph-printed by Colour Code Printing (Toronto).

This wordless zine is a contemplative, instrospective journey culminating in an abstract "out-of-body" experience. The protagonist navel-gazes until they are flipped inside out and back again. Click to see more images.


"Social Smoke"

“Social Smoke”, 2017. Digital inkjet print on paper, foil paper. Accordion book, slip-band, colophon, and foil paper within a cigarette box format. Size of accordion book: 2.25 x 3.5 x 0.5" (when closed); 38.25 x 3.5" (when stretched completely open). Size of box: 3.75 x 2.5 x 0.75".

“Social Smoke” was created based on the premise that, from the point of view of a non-smoker introvert, the smokers’ balcony at a party often seems to be the site of the liveliest or most tender and revealing conversations. The stories within this box are recollections of my own infiltrations (or lack of infiltrations) of the smoker’s area among friends and brief acquaintances. Click to see more images.


"That which separates you and I or here and there"

“That which separates you and I or here and there”, 2016. 12 x 24” when open; 3. x 4.75" when closed. Screenprinted, double-sided folded poster / zine. on the contemplation of mortality and loss. Edition: 100 copies on cream Ingres paper, 100 copies on ivory Ingres paper. A removable paper band fits around the folded zine to keep it closed. Click to see more images.


"The Queers"

“The Queers”, 2015. 5 x7" saddle-stitched book. Colour laserprinted, 40 pages plus cover. A queer horror / anxiety story based on real events in a Venice rental apartment.Click to see more images.


"Push This Into That"

“Push This Into That”, 2015. Two-piece matchbox with 20 cards (digital inkjet print on paper), foam, a pair of brass thumbtacks. Edition of 12 boxes. Part of "The Index of Memory" matchbox project organized by Hearyung Kim and Natalie Drazewicz. 10 artists created work that fits into a matchbox format, addressing a theme of memory.

“Push This Into That” is a game of enacting or imagining. Exercise the potential of remembered and anticipated pain, pleasure and impassiveness! Play alone or with others with this set of 20 flash cards and shiny brass thumbtacks. Draw a card and push this into that!


"The Bathroom Problem"

“The Bathroom Problem”, 2014. Tunnel book: inkjet print on paper, bookboard. Edition of 30 books.

"The Bathroom Problem" was created for The Pop-Up Museum of Queer History's "Queer Book Dioramas" exhibit, an exhibition on books that have been meaningful or that have contributed to the formation of the exhibitors' queer identities. Peer through the glasses and share a first-person vantage point in my reading of Jack Halberstam's Female Masculinity. Click to see more images.


"One Evening"

“One Evening”, 2013. Hard-cover, 20-page pamphlet-stitched book.Screenprinted cover and interior. Gloss varnish on the cover. A fictional, illustrated, erotic short story. Edition of 30.



"Skinny Leg"

“Skinny Leg”, 2012. Graphic memoir with pop-up, fold-out and flap pages. Handprinted and handbound casebound book: UV screenprinting on Fabriano Academia paper. 68 pages. Edition of 25. Click to see more images.


"Backyard Grass"

“Back Yard Grass”, 2011. Popup book. Cover: iron-on inkjet transfer print on hand-made book cloth and book board. Interior: inkjet prints on fine art paper, archival glue. A narrative of suspense and banality in the form of a pop-up book.


"Backyard Grass" installation

“Back Yard Grass” pop-up installation, 2011. Paper pop-up book elements inside of a library display case as part of "After Party", a 3-person exhibition of small installations as offshoots of artists' book projects by Kerri Flannigan, Sarah Nesbitt and Jenny Lin, Webster Library, Montreal.



“Maltee”, 2011. 16-page colour laser-print saddle-stitched zine -picture book, 5 x 3.5".


"Food Taboos"

“Food Taboos”, 2011. 1x1 inch pages. 23 pages. Laser-printed accordion book created for the Teenie Weenie Zine Machine project of Jamie Q, London, Ontario. Food Taboos is an image and text-based book of the various things that people don’t eat.


"Wallet book"

“Wallet Book”, 2011. Book art object in collaboration with Eloisa Aquino. Inkjet prints on paper, archival glue. A fictitious narrative exploring ambiguity in gender and identity.




“Filter (Book One: Heart Anatomy)”, 2011. Digital inkjet print on Fabriano. Cover: synthetic leather and board. Coptic bind (exposed stitch). An work of image obliteration using Photoshop's "pointillize" filter. 



"Covers” book version, 2010. Inkjet prints on rice paper. Cover printed on Fabriano. Handmade perfectbound book. 4 x 2.5 x 0.5”, 76 pages. Images from an animated video by the same title.



“Forest", 2010. Handmade flag book. Pages: 4.75 x 3”. Total length: 4.75 x 12.5”. Inkjet print on Masa and Fabriano academia paper; linen cloth and book board. Project exploring low-fi pixilated imagery with the flag book format?s slight resemblance to 80s video effects and the visual pairing of “nature” and “digital”.



"Big Head Has a Problem"

"Bighead has a Problem" is a look into the lives and adventures of creatures who keep trying their best, even when they are not so sure. A book project made in collaboration with Eloisa Aquino. "Bighead" is distributed by Librairie D'Art Actuel and Printed Matter.


"Big Mac Scotty's Mini Hall of Fame"

“Big Mac Scotty’s Mini Hall of Fame”, 2008. Print-on-demand perfect bound book, 6 x 9”


"Transfer Point"

“Transfer Point” excerpts. Inkjet print on Canson paper. Accordian book with board cover. 2 x 2 x 20”. Image excerpts from my 2005 animated video titled “Transfer Point”.